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Yii2 – Scenarios


A model uses the yii\base\Model::$scenario property for the ‘Scenario’ concept. By default, a model supports only a single scenario named default. Yii2.0 framework model is designed in very comfortable way…

Yii2 – Modal Pop Up


Yii2 – Modal Pop Up Create ModalAssets.php in folder assets [crayon-61080d8b785dc035001965/] Create modal.js file in /root/web/js/modal.js [crayon-61080d8b785e8275684806/] Put into after use namespacing [crayon-61080d8b785ef675293964/] Put into end of code index.php [crayon-61080d8b785f4160789476/]…

Yii2 – Custom Action Button GridView


Yii2 – Custom Action Button di GridView Berikut ini adalah contoh penggunaan custom tombol aksi di GridView Yii2  [crayon-61080d8b78973350622161/] class : adalah nama class yang digunakan untuk ActionColumn di GridView…