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Posts published in “Yii 2 Framework”

Tutorial Yii 2 Framework

Configuration .htaccess Apache


Yii2 Framework – Configuration .htacces Apache Berikut ini adalah contoh konfigurasi Yii2 Framework di Apache RewriteEngine On # End the processing, if a rewrite already occurred RewriteRule ^(frontend|backend)/web/ - [L]…

Yii2 – Validation Case Sensitive on PostgreSQL


Yii2 – Validation Case Sensitive on PostgreSQL First Insert code below in your Model   public function getUsernameToLower() { return strtolower($this->username); }   and insert code below in rules function…

Yii 2 – Filter Date in Grid View


Bagaimana cara Filter Tanggal di Grid View Di Grid View: use kartik\grid\GridView; [ 'attribute' => 'updated_at', 'format' => 'date', 'filterType' => GridView::FILTER_DATE, 'filterWidgetOptions' => [ 'size' => 'xs', 'pluginOptions' =>…